C2940S(config)#ip ?
Global IP configuration subcommands:
access-list           Named access-list
accounting-list       Select hosts for which IP accounting information is
accounting-threshold  Sets the maximum number of accounting entries
accounting-transits   Sets the maximum number of transit entries
alias                 Alias an IP address to a TCP port
default-gateway       Specify default gateway (if not routing IP)
dhcp                  Configure DHCP server, relay and snooping parameters
dhcp-server           Specify address of DHCP server to use
domain-list           Domain name to complete unqualified host names.
domain-lookup         Enable IP Domain Name System hostname translation
domain-name           Define the default domain name
finger                finger server
ftp                   FTP configuration commands
gratuitous-arps       Generate gratuitous ARPs for PPP/SLIP peer addresses
host                  Add an entry to the ip hostname table
host-routing          Enable host-based routing (proxy ARP and redirect)
hp-host               Enable the HP proxy probe service
http                  HTTP server configuration
icmp                  ICMP options
igmp                  IGMP global configuration
name-server           Specify address of name server to use
radius                RADIUS configuration commands
rcmd                  Rcmd commands
reflexive-list        Reflexive access list
security              Specify system wide security information
source-route          Process packets with source routing header options
sticky-arp            Allow the creation of sticky ARP entries
subnet-zero           Allow ‘subnet zero’ subnets
tacacs                TACACS configuration commands
tcp                   Global TCP parameters
telnet                Specify telnet options
tftp                  tftp configuration commands