SALE情報まとめ 第19週目

Tropico 3 – Steam Special Edition 75%off $7.50($29.99)
RailWorks Glasgow Airport Rail Link Add-on 25%off $29.99($39.99)
RailWorks SD40-2 Burlington Northern Add-on 25%off $3.37($4.49)
RailWorks ATSF Warbonnet Pack 25%off $14.99($19.99)
SD40-2 Santa Fe Edition RailWorks Add-on 25%off $3.74($4.99)
Canadian National SD40-2 Wide Nose RailWorks Add-on 25%off $9.74($12.99)
Norfolk Soutern SD40-2 HighNose RailWorks Add-on 25%off $9.74($12.99)
Southern Pacific GS-4 Pack RailWorks Add-on 25%off $14.99($19.99)
RailWorks Challenger DLC 25%off $14.24($18.99)
SP&S Northerns RailWorks Add-on 25%off $13.49($17.99)
Class S-2 Berkshire RailWorks Add-on 25%off $13.49($17.99)
Colton & Northern RailWorks Expansion Pack 25%off $17.99($23.99)
Rascal & Cottoneood RailWorks Expansion Pack 25%off $17.99($23.99)
BNSF Officially Licensed ES44AC & SD40-2 RailWorks Add-on 25%off $6.74($8.99)
Flotilla 10%off $8.99($9.99)
Killing Floor 33%off $10.04($14.99)
Madballs in Babo: Invasion 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Madballs: S.W.A.T. Combo Pack 33%off $9.04($13.49)
Quantz 70%off $3.00($9.99)
○Guide Book
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Prima Official StrategyGuide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Splinter Cell Conviction Prima Official Strategy Guide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Left 4 Dead 2 Prima Official Strategy Guide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Just Cause 2 Prima Official Strategy Guide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Dragon Age: Origins Prima Official Strategy Guide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Prima Official Strategy Guide 50%off $9.99($19.99)
○SEGA Week
SEGA Complete Pack $89.99
R.U.S.E. 10%off $44.99($49.99)
○Midweek Madness
○Weekend Deal
Altitude 50%off $4.99($9.99)

Alganon 50%off $19.95($39.95)
THQ Ultimate Bundle 70%off $99.99($344.83)
World War 2 – Time of Wrath $20.99($29.99)
Demigod 50%off $9.99($19.95)
Sins of a Solar Empire 50%off $9.99($19.99)
○Weekend Impulse Buys
For the Glory 60%off $7.99($19.99)
Juiced 2 $9.99($14.99)
Came in Pieces 50%off $4.99($9.99)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Call of Pripyat Loyality Edition 40%off $11.99($19.99)
Eschalon Book II 20%off $19.95($24.95)

Rainbow Web 10%off $8.95($9.95)
BioShock 2 20%off $39.95($49.95)
Star Trek Online 40%off $29.95($49.95)
Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition 33%off $39.95($59.95)
Alpha Protocol 29%off $49.95($69.90)
Air Aces Pacific 15%off $42.49($49.99)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 20%off $15.98($19.95)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent(Mac版) 20%off $15.98($19.95)
Storm over the Pacific 10%off $44.95($49.95)
Hamlet 10%off $8.95($9.95)
Hotel Collector’s Edition 10%off $17.95($19.95)
Hotel Collector’s Edition(Mac版) 10%off $17.95($19.95)
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands 17%off $49.95($59.95)
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Digital Collector edition 14%off $59.95($69.90)
Puzzle Bots 10%off $13.45($14.95)
Tidalis + Beta Access $9.95
Making History II: The War of the World! 13%off $34.99($39.99)
○Weekend Deal
Altitude 50%off 4.97($9.95)
Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game 30%off $13.96($19.95)
Company of Heroes 60%off $7.98($19.95)
Company of Heroes Complete Pack 60%off $23.98($59.95)
Company of Heroes Garman Version 60%off $3.98($9.95)
Company of Heroes Gold 60%off $11.98($29.95)
Company of Heroes Gold German Version 60%off $11.98($29.95)
Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts 60%off $3.98($9.95)
Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts German Version 60%off $3.98($9.95)
Company of Heroes Tales of Valor German Version 60%off $11.98($29.95)
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor 60%off $11.98($29.95)
Flatout Bundle Pack 50%off $19.92($39.85)
Football Manager 2010 50%off $19.97($39.95)
Max and the Magic Marker 25%off $14.96($19.95)
Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold 60%off $11.98($29.95)
Toropico 3 and Absolute Power Bundle Pack 40%off $30.13($49.90)
World War 2 Time of Wrath 70%off $9($29.99)

○Weekend Deal

Wolfenstein 50%off $19.95($39.95)
Battlestations: Pacific 2/Prima Guide $10off $44.95($54.95)
Westward Value Pack 50%off $7.50($14.95)

Boderlands £24.95(£34.95)
Borderlands Triple Pack 10%off £34.50(£47.95)
Westward Value Pack 50%off £5.50(£10.95)

Borderlands 29.95(49.95)
Mount and Blade + Warband Bundle 10%off 53.95(59.90)
Tropico 3 50%off 14.95(29.95)
○Deal of the Week
Westward Value Pack 50%off 5.95(11.95)

○Hidden Gem of the Week
○Weekend promo: Complete Gabriel Knight Collection for only $12.57… or less
Gabliel Knight: Sins of the Fathers $5.09($5.99)
Gabliel Knight 2: The Beast Within $5.09($5.99)
Gabliel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned $5.09($5.99)
上3つセット 30%off $12.57

Split/Seconf – Velocity £37.99(£39.99) 5月27日まで
Medieval 2 – Total War Gold 50%off £9.99(£19.99) 5月25日まで
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction £30.99(£34.99) 5月24日まで

The Sherlock Holmes Bundle 50%off $29.99

■Copcom US
Dark Void 50%off $29.99($59.99)

■get GAMES

Eco Tycoon 30%off 1617.60円
Crystalize 2: Quest of the Jewel Crown 30%off 806.30円


7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
7 Wonders II 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
A Farewell to Dragons 20%off £23.99(£29.99)
AGON – The Lost Sword of Toledo 25%off £14.99(£19.99)
Beat Hazard 30%off $10.10($14.43)
Beyond Divinity 10%off $12.98()
Big Kahuna Words 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Black Circle 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Black Eagle 20%off £7.99(£9.99)
Brain Booster 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Build-a-Lot 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Dino Land 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Farmyard Fun 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Pet Store 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Pirates 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Clever Kids: Pony World 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Colour of Murder 60%off $5.77($14.43)
Criket Coach 2007 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Cryostasis 30%off £13.99(£19.99)
Darwinia 70%off $8.65($28.86)
Dark Sector 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
Dawn of Magic 60%off £3.99(£9.99)
Dawn of Magic 33%off $28.86($43.30)
Death Track: Resurrection 40%off $8.65($)
Elements 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Future Wars 50%off £9.99(£19.99)
Greed 50%off £9.99(£19.99)
Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Hidden Mysteries: The White House 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic – Secret og the Fateful Voyage 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Hollywood Pets – Pup Idol 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Irukandji 40%off £5.97(£9.99)
Jewel Quest II 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Jewel Quest: Curse of the Emerald Tear 10%off £8.99(£9.99)
Jewel Quest Solitaire 2 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
JoJo’s Fashion Show 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Jurassic Realism 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Kings Bounty: The Legend 16%off £24.99(£29.99)
Kitty Luv 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Lost Secrets: The Bermuda Triangle 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Luxor Adventures 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Mah Jong Quest 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Mah Jong Quest II 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Mah Jong Quest III 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Margrave Mysteries: The Lost Ship 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Mysteryville 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Pony Luv 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger 25%off £14.99(£19.99)
Samanatha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Samanatha Swift and the Golden Touch40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Space Station Sim 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Spell of Gold 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
Storked 50%off £3.48(£6.96)
Street Racer Europe 33%off £9.99(£14.99)
Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 50%off £9.99(£19.99)
The Dracula Files 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
The Fifth Disciple 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
The Magic Toy Chest 28%off £9.99(£13.91)
The Rise of Atlantis 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
The Secret of Margrave Manor 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
The Tudors 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
The Void 65%off £6.99(£19.99)
Time Stand Still 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
Trine 83%off £4.99(£29.99)
Tumble Jumble 40%off £5.99(£9.99)
UFO Afterlight 70%off £5.99(£19.99)
Virtual Families 25%off £7.49(£9.99)
VVVVVV 11%off £7.99(£8.99)
War Operations 9%off £8.99(£9.95)
Winemaker Extraordinaire 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
Wisegal 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
World War 1 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
WWII: Battle Over the Pacific 50%off £4.99(£9.99)
XIII Century: Blood of Europe 33%off £9.99(£14.99)
XIII Century: Death or Glory 33%off £9.99(£14.99)
Zombie Driver 30%off £6.99(£9.99)
Beyond Divinity 10%off £8.99(£9.99)
Obscure 2 50%off £9.99(£19.99)



■Reflexive Arcade
○Daily Deal

Lost Memory of Angel フランII 聖界の奇跡 [+フランI サービスパック] 77%off 990円(4410円)
Vampire Hurts 50%off 990円(1980円)

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning(TM) スタンダードエディション(英語版)2980円(5800円)