Sale情報まとめ 第12週目


今回から新たにReflexive Arcadeというサイトの情報も追加しました。

0-4-OST Saddle Tank Locomotive Pack RailWorks Add-on 25%off $8.99($12.99)
Norfolk Southern SD40-2 HighNose RailWorks Add-on 25%off $9.99($12.99)
Canadian National SD40-2 Wide Nose RailWorks Add-on 23%off $9.99($12.99)
EverQuest Starter Pack 87%off $2.50($19.99)
Saira 10%off $8.99($9.99)
Load and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 10%off $13.49($14.99)
R.U.S.E 10%off $44.99($49.99)
○Weekend Deal
Borderlands 50%off $24.99($49.99)

Alganon 50%off $19.95($39.95)
THQ Ultimate Bundle 70%off $99.99($344.83)
World War 2 – Time of Wrath $20.99($29.99)
○Weekend Impulse Buys
Bob Came in Pieces 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Beyond Divinity 50%off $2.48($4.95)
Crusaders – Thy Kingdom Come 40%off $11.99($19.99)

Rainbow Web 10%off $8.95($9.95)
Prince of Persia 67%off $9.95($29.95)
Penumbra: Black Plague Gold Edition 25%off $14.99($19.99)
Europa Universalis: Rome 25%off $14.99($19.99)
NecroVisioN: Lost Company 50%off $14.97
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 20%off $15.98($19.95)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent(Mac版) 20%off $15.98($19.95)
Storm over the Pacific 10%off $44.95($49.95)
Out of Park Baseball 11 25%off $29.95($39.95)
Rig’n’Roll + King of the Road 12%off $34.95($39.94)
The Whispered World 10%off $26.95($29.95)
○Weekend Deal
Bob Came in Pieces 40%off $5.97($9.95)
Bob Came in Pieces(Mac版) 40%off $5.97($9.95)
Civilization III Complete 50%off $2.47($4.95)
Civilization IV 50%off $9.99($19.99)
Civilization IV Colonization 50%off $14.97($29.95)
Civilization IV Complete Edition EU 50%off $19.97($39.95)
Death to Spies 50%off $9.97($19.95)
Death to Spies Gold Edition 50%off $19.97($39.95)
Discilpes Platinum 55%off $19.95($44.80)
Gothic III Gold Edition 75%off $7.48($29.95)
King’s Bounty The Legend 50%off $4.97($9.95)
Massive Assault 50%off $9.97($19.95)
Massive Assault Network 2 50%off $13.97($27.95)
Massive Assault Pack 50%off $29.97($59.95)
Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance 50%off $6.47($12.95)
Men of War Red Tide 50%off $10.97($21.95)
Panzer Elite Action Gold 40%off $11.97($19.95)
Scorpion Disfigured 50%off $9.99($19.95)
Seven Kingdoms Conquest 75%off $2.48($9.95)
Super Power 2 75%off $4.98($19.95)

Cryostasis 75%off $7.50($29.95)

Cryostasis 75%off £7.50(£29.95)

Mount and Blade + Warband 10%off 53.95(59.90)
Borderlands 50%off 24.95(49.95)
○Deal of the Week
Cryostasis 75%off 6.95(27.95)

○2010 Spring Promo: 50%off
Beyond Good and Evil 30%off $6.99($9.99)
Disciples 2: Gold Edition 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Divine Divinity 50%off $2.99($5.99)
Evil Genius 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Fallout 50%off $2.99($5.99)
Gothic 2: Gold Edition 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 30%off $6.99($9.99)
Myst: Masterpiece Edition 50%off $2.99($5.99)
Red Baron Pack 50%off $4.99($9.99)
Simon the Sorcerer 50%off $2.99($5.99)

○Easter Offer: Up to 75%off on select Games!
Grand Theft Auto 4 50%off £9.99(£19.99)
Borderlands 50%off £17.49(£34.99)
Tropico 3 50%off £14.99(£29.99)
Civilization 4 全パック 50%off £19.99(£39.99)
Civilization 4 50%off £7.99(£14.99)
Civilization 4 Colonization 50%off £7.99(£14.99)
Grand Ages Rome Gold Edition 50%off £14.99(£29.99)
The Guild 2 Platinum Edition 75%off £4.98(£19.95)
King’s Bounty Gold Edition 50%off £17.49(£34.99)

Tomb Raider Anniversary 50%off $14.99($29.99)
Tomb Raider: Underworld 50%off $19.99($39.99)
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend 50%off $9.99($19.99)

■Copcom US
Dark Void 50%off $29.99($59.99)

■get GAMES
Rig’n’Roll + Daeth Track Resurrection $34.99($47.98) Pre-Order
7.62 High Caliber 50%off $9.99($19.99)
King Bounty: The Legend 75%off $3.25($12.99)
VVVVVV 20%off $10.39($12.99)
Farewell to Dragons 75%off $7.49($29.99)

Empire Total War 66%off $10.10($29.95)

Batman; Arkham Asylum 50%off $49.95(表記ミス?)

PromoCode Atari50 50%offで購入可

■Reflexive Arcade
○Daily Deal
Costume Chaos 58%off $2.95($6.99)

Lost Memory of Angel フランII 聖界の奇跡 [+フランI サービスパック] 77%off 990円(4410円)
Vampire Hurts 50%off 990円(1980円)

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning(TM) スタンダードエディション(英語版)2980円(5800円)